Our History

November 14

Blanchardville Lutheran Parking Lot Project…in Five Minutes

The Blanchardville Lutheran parking lot project took most of the summer of 2011 to complete.  However, you can enjoy watching the transformation in five minutes via this slideshow presentation.  (more…)

March 22

The Mission We Share in Christ’s Love

In 1988, the Pecatonica Lutheran Parish was formed. The Parish consisted of four congregations:  Blanchardville, Hollandale, Trinity, and York Memorial Lutheran Churches.

The mission statement of the Parish reads as follows:
“The Pecatonica Parish is a cooperative ministry intent on assisting each of the four individual congregations in carrying out their own defined mission.  Together, under the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we pray that the Parish may witness to the Good News in Christ by the caring love and peace among us; that we might encourage one another with faith, hope andd e in meeting the challenges of ministry in the rural setting.

This mission we share in Christ’s Name reaches beyond our fields and communities to the uttermost parts of the world.  We pray to be strengthened  as a Parish towards greater support of our partnership in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to enable this outreach.”

The goals/purpose of the Parish are:

  1. Witness to the community of Christ’s caring love for one another.
  2. Enable four rural congregations to share in the strengths and benefits enjoyed by one larger congregation, better using resources and pastoral support, combined programming, and united outreach.
  3. Attract and keep experienced clergy.  With four churches, we have a better chance of keeping experienced clergy than any one church on their own.

The four churches of the Parish are very much family churches.  Each has a rich history and tradition.  This Parish is a strong example of what is possible in rural ministry.  This Parish has been the training site for several Seminary Interns, and each has seen this Parish as a vital ministry site.