2015 New Hope Directory

A directory of members ‘ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses is now available. Copies will be in each church or  in the secretary’s office. Copies will not be mailed out. Please let the secretary know if changes need to be made. Church Directory-2015 – download

GPS Fund for Mission

Do you have a mission idea that needs a little bit of funding? The God’s People Serving fund is ready to use. This fund is for smaller mission projects that reach out to the community – reminding them that we are serving as the hands and feet of God. Some examples may be: Do you […]

Trinity Church History . . . .

Eighty years, from 1933 to 2013, Trinity Lutheran Church has been a valued and valuable witness of Jesus Christ. Every brick in the church has been touched by a member of Trinity, every pew has been used and cleaned and cared for. The kitchen has been the base for hundreds of meals and social events. […]

Local Food Pantries

It seems these economic times are getting worse with each passing day and people are struggling to keep food on the table. The Pecatoncia Food Pantry is open the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 to 11 a.m. at the Blanchardville Lutheran Church. Contact Jean Christen, 967-2349, or Marcia Bredeson, 574-5224, if […]