We have two mission opportunities for those who are interested in getting involved and making a difference!  Dates will be scheduled dependent on the availability of those who wish to volunteer. 

Plarn Mats for the Homeless… Plarn is a new word being used now – combining plastic and yarn to make plastic yarn. Everyone has a drawer-closet-basket chock full of plastic bags just screaming to be recycled and upcycled.  Don’t just offer to donate your plastic grocery bags.  Combine your plastic bag stash with a mission project to benefit the homeless! This is a wonderful project where children and adults of all ages can combine their creativity, talents and labor to provide sleeping mats for individuals in need to weather the elements all by using plastic yarn made from plastic bags.  Sound like something you’d like to do?  Contact the church office to get on the list to help!

Yard Fence Needs Painting…Do you like painting, especially if you don’t have to worry about spilling on the floor or painting trim?  Then this is a perfect opportunity for you!  We have a senior citizen who could use some help painting a yard fence.  If painting is not your “thing’, a donation to help purchase the paint would also be an awesome way to help!  Contact the church office to get on the list to help!

Collect soaps…If you have packaged soaps from a motel/hotel room, save it for the homeless. Dottie McGuigan who volunteers with the homeless in Madison, says they are given a small towel and a soap when they come to the shelter.